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Magic heart, enjoying Thanksgiving Christmas Kay 2
NO.3 in retro love friendship

For simplicity and love of Christmas in the West, China may also experience, vision and culture of accumulation! Which braved the rain and snow that year, looking for a place to eat, and then exchange gifts. Coffee shop, Japanese and Korean cuisine, Sichuan Hunan and Guangdong, leaving all the thick air of friendship. Christmas is not a Chinese, with more time to be messing with your friends, what memory is nothing; whatever, are all happy.
In the room, study is reading, writing, as well as acts of everyday life and work premises, creating a comfortable and appropriate atmosphere. Therefore lighting layout should be simple and neat, light and bright.
High quality and reliable LED cold light source, external heat, you can safely touch, its service life of up to 50,000 hours; truly green energy, compared with the traditional incandescent light bulb, energy saving effect to 80%.

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