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Select high-frequency electronic ballasts
Flashing phenomena, the vision is a major killer. In order to avoid flicker phenomenon, you should choose a table lamp with a high-frequency electronic ballasts, because the higher the number of flashes per second, on behalf of the higher the frequency, we cannot easily feel the Flash phenomenon, less damage to us vision, especially for larger pressure of school-age children.

High-frequency electronic ballasts, users are hard to find when buying, because general store light source is sufficient, it is difficult to feel a single flashing light, and generally on the product label, it's hard to know what a lamp ballast is good. But the price and brand is an interesting clue to one or two, table lamps on the market, and prices from thousands of Yuan, to 2000 or 3,000 worth of product, consumers can go up the price noted the quality of table lamps. Moreover, it is generally more well-known brands that have stable and tested products and perfect after-sales service.
Freely adjust the angle

Angle adjustable table lamp with high usability and flexibility. While in use, should continue to adjust the brightness of the lamp and point of view, until you find the most comfortable way so far, rather than to the brightest lights. Table lamps furniture is also very important. Ideally users on the left side (if writing with my left hand, then to the right) to avoid shadows or glare.

Reflector with excellent light distribution effect

When choosing table lamps, reflector designs to be considered also, note whether the styling to achieve excellent light distribution effect, the light is evenly distributed across desktops, whether the material would cause the eyes is highly reflective.

The four points mentioned above, or can be used as a reference for us when choosing table lamps. And of course, lighting shall be in accordance with individual needs and purposes of buying, regardless of shape, read or auxiliary light source has different requirements. If the lamp was bought from abroad, pay attention to the voltage and plug compatibility. Note: If using a power-saving lights abroad, may want to use a stabilizer, on the conversion would be more trouble.

Maintenance and maintenance

Lamp maintenance is an important action. In terms of cleaning, oil on canvas shades won't flush, dry cleaning detergent, glass material, can be washed, light bones you can just use a cloth.

A lot of people like replaceable bulbs, increase wattage, if over lamp wattage, it may cause electrical fire burned down the lamp housing or, not only dangerous but?. Each lamp using Division fine, and can reduce the wattage is required, it is safe and energy efficient way.

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